About me: A Digital Marketing Consultant

About me

Full stack marketer with nearly a decade of experience

For the last 10 years I've been driving results in-house for B2B companies within a variety of industries. I'm a full stack marketer with specialist knowledge in SEO, paid advertising, content, data analysis and strategy. 

Whilst the majority of my experience has been in SaaS, I have also worked within the life sciences and publishing industries.

Current clients include

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What makes me different?

The four principles of Digital Hydra


Skillset & Experience

Researching, building and execution digital marketing strategies for B2B business seeking rapid growth, especially post-start-ups.

This can include:

  • Executing research to fully understand your niche, ideal customer persona and objectives.
  • Keyword research
  • A full audit of your entire funnel including website, content, tracking and data practices.
  • Competitor research and analysis
  •  Planning and executing campaigns to drive leads at different stage of the funnel.
  • Using data from the keyword research, building a unique content strategy that solves ICP pain points and enables buyers to make a decision.
  • Strategy delivery - leaving your business with a backlog of content and actions to dive rapid business growth.

For more details please see the Strategy services page.

Planning, executing and evaluating actions to optimise your website for visibility and discoverability in search engines like Google.

These can include:

  • Site and backlink auditing.
  • Content gap analysis
  • Organic competitor analysis
  • Keyword research
  • Technical audit (site speed, broken links, redirect chains etc)
  • Data modelling to visualise how your target market are searching online
  • Content strategy informed by the data model, giving your business a pipeline of content ideas to dip into.
  • Link building - focusing on "quick wins" like organic link building and brand reclamation. 
  •  Evaluation of previous content and suggestions for improvement.
  • Actions to drive new data acquisition such as tactical call to action placement, exit intent and internal linking. 

For more details please see the Search Engine Optimisation service page.

Researching, planning and executing effective digital advertising campaigns to maximise your ROI. Ensuring your advertising strategy is robust enough to target critical section of your marketing funnel.

This includes a frank discussion with you about cost per lead on each of the key platforms and what I need from you to ensure the most effective targeting.

I have extensive experience in the following.

  • LinkedIn Ads: Lead gen forms, retargeting, video ads, InMail campaigns.
  • Google Ads: Intent-based paid search, extra targeting including in-market segments. Display campaigns including retargeting, placement campaigns, creating briefs for effective HTML 5 animated ads, building Google responsive display ads.
  • Bing ads: Intent-based paid search, cross-segmentation with other demographics like industry and job title.
  • Youtube ads: Creating briefs for effective video ads that communicate your key messages quickly and effectively, retargeting. 

For more details please see the Paid Advertising services page.

Planning and commissioning pieces of marketing collateral that drive leads when used as call to actions in campaigns.

This often includes:

  • Auditing your current content and evaluating success so far.
  • Addressing gaps in collateral for each stage of the funnel.
  • Recommendations for format or content type.
  • Commissioning out the creating of the content to a freelancer or agency.
  • Recommendations for campaigns to push the content.
  • Recommendations for copy, headlines and imagery. 

Please see the Lead Magnet page for more details.

Using your existing data to evaluate the effectiveness of your previous digital efforts when aligned with your business objectives. 

The more data available, the more comprehensive the analysis and meaningful the insights. Data can be pulled from a range of sources including:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • CRMs like Hubspot or Salesforce
  • Content management systems
  • Digital tools like SEMRush, Ahrefs etc
  • LinkedIn Ads platform
  • Ad words platform  

Sometimes it's difficult to know if you are truly getting value out of your marketing agency or freelancers. An impartial third party can provide a new perspective and suggest improvements to maximise your ROI on campaigns. 

Ensuring any briefs for blog content or digital creative like banners and ad images are effective can minimise creation time and maximise satisfaction with the final result.

I have extensive experience in the following:

  • Evaluating campaigns by marketing agencies, putting the results into context based on how they support your business objectives. 
  • Acting as a digitally-minded third party between your business and the agency. Ensuring needs and wants are communicated effectively and acting in the interests of your business when dealing with third parties.
  • Creating effective briefs that minimise revisions and make your vision a reality. 
  • Monitoring key indicators to ensure any live campaigns are performing as expected.
  • Where appropriate, suggesting optimisations based on my knowledge of your business goals, target audience and niche.


Find out how digital marketing can support your business objectives and increase ROI.


Pivotal for shaping and enhancing Ubioo's digital presence. 

Digital Hydra took a comprehensive approach to optimizing my website, delving into both the UX/UI design and content strategy. Their meticulous review transformed my website into a functional, user-friendly platform that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also easy to navigate, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience for visitors. 

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Daniel Ramón Calvo
Founder, Ubioo

The data-driven approach and meticulous analysis ensured that every decision was aligned with our goals.

I had an outstanding experience working with Digital Hydra for our digital marketing needs. They assisted us in crafting engaging content for our website and optimising our SEO strategies. They demonstrated a comprehensive understanding of digital marketing, and contributed to enhancing our online presence and overall performance.

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Catalina Opazo
Founder & Director, Marlife