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What will a digital marketing strategy give my business?

Structure and direction
Auditing existing resources and exploring the right options for your business in depth will provide you with a clear path to success that maximises your marketing budget.

A deeper understanding of your target audience
Identifying the pain points of your target audience at different buying stages gives you the insight to create content that will resonate and drive action.

Bottom line and business growth
Executing precisely-targeted campaigns with compelling content drives leads that convert, while optimising your funnel will stop prospects from slipping through your fingers.

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What makes a good digital marketing strategy?


Digital Marketing Strategy Director's Cheat Sheets

See how different elements of a strategy work in tandem to support business objectives, increase brand visibility and generate leads.

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  • Overview of components that support short-term, long-term and strategic goals.
  • Timeline demonstrating how these elements feed into one another.
  • An example of a prospect journey, so you can understand the impact of these moving parts on engaging, nurturing and re-engaging contacts. 

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Before a Digital Marketing Strategy

❌ Lack of direction for online activity.

Budget being drained by ineffective campaigns.

❌ Hiring mistakes - marketers lacking structure to drive results.

❌ Ignorance about targeting and channels that fit your niche best.

❌ Gaps in knowledge regarding target audience behaviours online.

❌"Hit and hope" campaigns not driving quality leads.

❌ Disorganised / no tracking - analysis and reporting impossible.

❌ Left behind due to lack of online activity and presence.

After a Digital Marketing Strategy:

✅ Clear short and long term plan for digital marketing.

✅ Budget optimised through precise targeting and relevant content.

✅ Structure to confidently make future marketing hires.

✅ Awareness of how to target your desired audience.

✅ Full picture of your audience's pain points.

✅ Reverse-engineered campaigns based on your objectives.

✅ Clear, scalable tracking that informs future strategy and budget.

✅ Ready for high-growth with a tailored plan for the future.

* GitNux: "The Most Important B2B Marketing Statistics & Trends 2023". Available here.

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